How to Use Twitter- 15 Powerful Tips that Actually Work

How to Use Twitter: 15 Powerful Tips that Actually Work

It’s no secret that Twitter has something that other social media platforms just don’t. There’s something compelling about this blue bird that gives you a limited amount of characters to express yourself and engage with others, and both brands and public figures know they just have to be there. But creating an account is only the first step. There are many things you should know about how to use Twitter, as well as many useful tips, that actually can work to make your audience get interested in your content. Check out our 15 most powerful Twitter tips, which will definitely boost your social media marketing strategies.

1. Share Content Often

Every social media platform works on a different schedule, and while some platforms require one post a day or even one every other day, Twitter is a bit more dynamic. If you want to have an engaging profile people want to check out, tweeting often is the key. We can’t tell you exactly how much is often, but we should warn you not to tweet every five minutes. About 4 Tweets a day are more than enough.

2. Engage more than Posting

Sure, Twitter is perfect to get your ideas and promotions out there, but that’s not what Twitter is all about. In fact, this platform requires one of the highest engagement ratings from your side. So instead of planning a bunch of posts without caring who sees them, spend a little “quality time” engaging in other posts.

3. Don’t Miss out on Trending Topics

More than any other platform, Twitter it’s all about the latest buzz. The first thing you get asked by the platform when you log in is “What’s happening?”. Naturally, Twitter is the place where the most current events are published and discussed. A great social media marketing strategy is to check which are the daily trends and get in on them using the most popular hashtags, which takes us to…

4. Learn How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the way that people can get to see your content even when they’re not following you. It’s important that you learn how to pick them because this is how you’ll make your audience grow or engage big time. There are plenty of websites that help you find the most popular hashtags of the moment, or you can simply write a hashtag in your search bar and see if the content that shows up is relevant to what you’re about to post.

5. Use Different Multimedia in your Posts

You know what’s better than writing stuff down? Images! And you know what’s even better? Video! Lucky for you, Twitter allows for different multimedia to be posted in your content. Take advantage of that and include images, infographics and videos in your posts. This is the perfect way to get more engagement and it’s 100% free.

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6. Don’t just Post your own Content, Share others’

Some experts state that the golden rule for Twitter is 20% creation – 80% sharing. While we don’t necessarily agree with this balance, we do believe it’s important to share content from other accounts once in a while. Why? Audiences want to see how you care about others’ opinions other than your own. Quoting or retweeting interesting posts from accounts and even followers will give you a feeling of authenticity.

7. Always Respond to Mentions and Comments

Nowadays, marketing has changed from being a one-man dialogue to a double-sided conversation. This means that your followers want to know what you think about them and expect you to answer their questions. Aside from posting regularly and sharing third-party content, remember to always answer private messages, mentions and comments. These’ll only make you look good in front of other profiles.

8. Clean up your Profile

A very polished profile is an essential tip to be successful at Twitter. Why is that? Because when people visit an account profile and see no picture and very little information, they could easily think it’s a fake account. Make sure to show you’re the real deal by having your name listed correctly, pick a username that’s relevant to your brand, set a profile and cover picture and even place your contact information.

9. Use your Profile to Add other Links

Have you noticed that Twitter lets you input a URL so people can click it directly from your profile? This is one of the best tools available for you as a brand or content creator. By adding a short link to your profile, you can drive traffic completely free to your website, e-commerce, blog or any other URL you’d like. Remember that a good social media marketing strategy is about optimizing resources.

10. Use Branded Images

The next step for creating your own content is having other people give you promotions without you lifting a finger. How to do this? Make sure all of your images are branded, this way, when they start to be shared, even without a direct retweet, people will still be able to see where the image came from. Branded images are like leaving a breadcrumb path that traces back to you.

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11. Use Twitter Lists to Segment your Audiences

One of the useful Twitter tips is Twitter Lists. They are a very useful feature that Twitter presented not long ago. With lists you can segment accounts on practically any category. You can create a list that involves all successful accounts you’d like to engage with, or you can segment your audience by gender, city or specific likes and dislikes.

12. Don’t Spam your Followers

Spamming is a very undesirable practice that you should avoid at all costs and in all platforms. Even if you’re offering a very attractive discount, nobody wants it pushed down their private messages when they’ve never even heard of you. Make sure to build a quality relationship with audiences before you start offering things to them.

13. Look for Engagement Rather than Followers

One of the most common mistakes people fall into when setting up their Twitter accounts is thinking that more followers equals more success. This isn’t true for a very simple reason: you could have 100,000 followers who A) don’t care about your brand or product or B) aren’t even real accounts. See how this logic is faulty? Instead of stressing out over getting follows, make sure that the follows you get are from people who’re interested in you and your product, and that might be willing to be your clients in the future.

14. Participate in Discussions

This Twitter tip might be super useful if you know how to implement it carefully. Twitter is a place where many, many discussions happen on a daily basis. While it’s normal that you don’t have 4 hours to spare to engage in a long debate with other users, it’s cool if once in a while you chip in on a conversation and leave your opinion or a tip (if someone’s asked for them). Participating in discussions in Twitter lets audiences know there are real people behind your posts.

15. Don’t Try to Solely Promote your Brand

We know, what you ultimately want is to get more potential customers and close some sales. But if you’re too persisting on promoting your brand, you’ll only drive people off and make them want to unfollow you or mute your posts. Take advantage of this amazing platform and share other types of content.

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Bottom line is, Twitter can make your brand grow exponentially if you know how to use Twitter correctly. People are not only waiting for you to show them how you can change their lives, they also want to know what’s your purpose and how you do stuff behind the scenes. So don’t be afraid to show the most human side of your brand or company with our Twitter tips!